Sioyek is a PDF viewer with a focus on technical books and research papers


Quickly search your previously opened documents, table of contents, bookmarks, and highlights. Sioyek can even generate the table of contents if the document doesn't have one!

Smart Jump

You can preview or jump to references (e.g. bibliography, figures, equations, etc.) even when the document doesn't have links. You can also search references in google scholar with one click!


You can create portals from parts of documents to other parts which are displayed in a second window. So when you are reading a paragraph that is talking about a figure, table, algorithm, theorem, etc. you don't have to keep jumping between the two locations.

Marks and Bookmarks

Mark locations with one-character symbols and then quickly jump back to them. You can also create bookmarks which are like marks, but use a descriptive text instead of a symbol and can be searched.


Sioyek can highlight text with different colors. They are searchable!

Command Palette

Discover sioyek commands and shortcuts using the searchable command palette.

Keyboard Focused

While sioyek fully supports many mouse actions, it is still possible to use sioyek only using a keyboard. This includes functionality such as text selection too!


Sioyek autoreloads the document so you can preview the changes as you edit the latex file. You can also jump between the corresponding locations in PDF and latex files with one click.


Use a visual ruler to highlight the line currently being read. It reduces eye strain and combined with smart jump feature can create previews and portals without needing to click on the reference!


Sioyek is highly configurable. You can change all the keybinds and adjust the behavior of the application.


You can extend sioyek using external commands and scripts. For example you can add OCR, translation, and text to speech to sioyek.